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The plan of training which follows is only an example, it is established on 10 sessions, on the basis of three sessions a week. If we wish to introduce a fourth session, it will be a question of a session of one hour made to 70 % of FCMax. possibly ended with 10 min in the speed marathon.The intensities of effort are indicated in reference to the heart rate.Every session begins with 20 in 30 minutes of slow jogging (70 %) and ends by at least 5 minutes by returning to the peace with slow speed. We shall be careful not to neglect soft and progressive stretchings at the end of effort.




This plan, voluntarily modest, can suit to runners between 3:40h and 4:30h, and it can be adapted by adding the fourth session. Besides, it establishes itself on the heart rate, it can suit in higher speeds of race, or slower.It is not planned by work in the speed marathon, because the efforts in 80 % hold place. But it will be interesting to verify on the chronometer, that we are good in a speed corresponding to the aimed performance. For example, the runner who aims 3:40h, will verify that his portions accelerated in 80/85 % are ran well to the speed of 5mn10 to the kilometre. The test session of the 6th week can also serve "to prop up" the speed.

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