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Let us assume that you are a regular runner, making on average 3 sessions a week for several months. You would like to start a specific preparation over 10 weeks.

So, how train in the meantime?


I suggest you begin to increase gradually your volume of training, for example by going from 2 to 3 weekly sessions (or from 3 to 4 which is preferable). You should also increase the duration of the sessions, to achieve once a week 1:15hours to 1:30 hour.

Make these sessions on hilly routes with a moderate speed. You can try to end them faster, in your speed of " soft resistance ", without neglecting a few minutes of slowing down.


At the same time, you will get to know all the different kind of work planned in your plan, in particular the " maximum aerobic speed (MAS) " with which you will need to learn to pace yourself, by beginning with fractions of 30 seconds fast, alternated with 30 seconds slow, (one or two series from 8 to 10 repetitions).You will also get acquainted with the " anaerobic threshold ", by accustoming you to the speeds corresponding to the heart rate indicated in the plan: it about learning how to measure well your sessions, so you are able to end them without exhaustion. We often tend to go too fast.


Finally, you will take advantage of this period to participate in one or two competitions on short distances (from 10 to 15 km or even a half-marathon), to estimate your sensations and to set you a realistic goal for the marathon.

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