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Marathon Metz Mirabelle 2023



Article 1 – Organization


The 13th edition of Marathon de l'Eurométropole de Metz is organized on October 08th, 2023 by the "Association Metz Marathon ", according to the regulations of the French Federation of Athletics.

In parallel, we propose different kind of races:


- Marathon Relay with 2 or 4 runners

- Marathon Relay for companies

- UEM Run Kids, only for childrens


The 10KM GAGANIS are limited to 2500 runners. The organization reserve the right to increase or decrease the number of runners if necessary. The Marathon Relay is limited to 650 teams (2 or 4 runners). The organization reserve the right to increase or decrease the number of teams if necessary.

For the teams of 4, one runner is not allowed to run two sections of the relay, and therefore, it is not allowed to run as a team of 3 instead of 4.

For the teams of 2, the handover must be done at the relay point n°2 in Fleury. This configuration cannot be changed.



Article 2 - The course

The course is measured according to existing standards and is in compliance with the federal and international regulation of races on the road (FFA and IAAF).


Article 3 – Registration

The Marathon event is opened to licenced runners and non-licenced runners, born in 1999 and before.

The 10KM HAGANIS event is opened to licenced runners and non-licenced runners, born in 2003 and before.

The Marathon Relay with 2 runners is to licenced runners and non-licenced runners, born in 2003 and before.

The Marathon Relay with 4 runners is to licenced runners and non-licenced runners, born in 2001 and before.

The registrations are made:

- On the website of Marathon de l'Eurométropole de Metz

- By mail by filling up the bulletin of official commitment available on the website of Marathon de l'Eurométropole de Metz (registration for the Relay are only online)


Due date for registration

·         Registration by post stamp: until the 27th of September

·         Registration online: until the 07th of October

·         Registration at the Marathon Village on the 08th of October, Republic's Place.

Due date for the Relay registration is on the 20th of September or when the quota of 650 teams is reached.

No registration will be taken into account on the spot on Sunday (excepted for the children's race).

Any file will be considered as incomplete, if it does not contain all the following documents:

1. Bulletin of official commitment duly completed and signed

2. Payment of the rights of commitment (credit card payment or payment by bank check in the order of TV SPORT EVENTS)

3. Medical certificate or copy of your license FFA or FFTRI of current validity

4. Proof of performance, to obtain an elite race number (Man less than 2:30 hours, Woman less than 2:55 hours) or preferential (Man less than 3:00 hours, Woman less than 3:25 hours).


Attention: will only be accepted medical certificates delivered by a doctor and dated maximum one year prior to the race date and carrying a mention of the following clause: "presents no contraindication to the practice of the athletics in competition ".

All the above documents must be sent to ChronoCompétition - Marathon de l'Eurométropole de Metz – Bâtiment CICAL – 3 rue de l’embranchement, 67116 REICHSTETT, or given on the spot during the collection of the race number.


Law n°99-223, relative to the protection of the health of the sportsmen and to the anti-doping fight, voted in the National Assembly on March 23rd, 1999, makes it mandatory to all the French or foreign runners to provide the evidence of their capacity in the practice of the running in competition, capacity justified by a medical certificate, delivered by a doctor, further to a medical examination.


Article 4 – Qualifications

This year the marathon event will host the French championships, so it will not be classifying and qualifying in 2023.

The 10KM HAGANIS event is classifying and qualifying for French championships, the list of the qualified runners will appear on the site of the French Federation of Athletics (


Article 5 - Preferential race Numbers

The organization plans a special place for the elite start " Men less than 2h30, Women less than 2h55 " and preferential " Man less than 3h00, Woman less than 3h25 " for the runners asking for it and capable of giving evidence of a performance on the distance of a marathon.


Article 6 – Ranking

The general ranking "scratch", as well as the age categories, will be announced as separated ranking in agreement with the regulation of the French Federation of Athletics. It is reminded to the runners that checking will be made during the event to assure perfect conditions of regularity on the event.


Article 7 – Commitments

Every commitment is personal, firm and definitive, and cannot be subject to any refund for any reason whatsoever. No transfer of registration is authorized. Every person retroceding its race number to a third person, will be recognized responsible in the event of an accident arising to, or caused by the latter during the event. The organization disclaims all liability in the event of an accident in this type of situation.

The race number will have to be completely legible and carried on the front, during the race.


Registration cancellation:

A cancelation insurance can be taken out only through online registrations thanks to Registration4all and the insurer CIRCLES GROUP. This insurance policy is available to all the participants up to 5 days before the event (for the individual registrations with registration fees).

The participant can, if he/she wants to, tick the “CANCELATION INSURANCE POLICY” box when he/she register online.  Only the registration fees are covered. Charged options (medals, donation…) and administrative costs are not included.

This charged option allows the participant to take a cancelation insurance policy out directly to the CIRCLES GROUP insurer.

The participant will receive a PDF contract via email, with the QR code allowing him/her to withdraw from the race.

If the participant cannot run the event, he/she can use WITHOUT PROVIDING ANY EVIDENCE the QR code to withdraw from the Marathon Metz Mirabelle and ask for the reimbursement of his/her registration (deadline for the request of cancellation to the insurer : 48h before the event maximum).

The participant will then be directly reimbursed by CIRCLES GROUP insurer.


Article 8 - Collection of race numbers

The collection of the race numbers will be made only on October 08th, 2023 in the village Marathon in Metz; from 10.00 am to 07.00 pm. A presentation of an ID card is mandatory. No race number will be sent by mail.


Article 9 - Federal Regulation

The French Federation of Athletics establishes and assigns a jury composed of referees whose power of decision is irrevocable. They are assisted in their mission by officials and marshals. Refreshment points are settled every 5 km, from KM 5 to the finish line. The mop-up spots are situated every 5 km from KM 7, 5. The runner commits not to anticipating the start and running the complete distance before crossing the finishing line.


Article 10 – Safety

The organization in connection with the Prefecture of the Moselle will assure the implementation of all the possible means to guarantee the safety for the runners and the public present within the framework of the event. The sanitary cover of the event will be insured by associations of safety approved by the Prefecture of the Moselle. Any member of the medical staff on the race is allowed, if necessary, to decide putting out of the race of a runner for health reasons. His/her race number will be removed from him/her.


Article 11 - Time of race

The participants have a maximum of 5:30 hours to run the course up to the finishing line. After the passage of the last vehicle, and with the unilateral decision of the organization, a runner could be declared «outside the time limit ", meaning without appeal his withdrawal from the race. His timing chip, as well as his race number will be removed from him/her.

Every runner put out of the race deciding to continue the event will make him/her under his/her fully responsible and the organization cannot be held responsible in the event of an accident.


Article 12 – Timing

The Timing will be made by a timekeeper approved by the FFA using a system of electronic timing. All the runners will be given a chip which will be automatically initialized on the starting line and which will be used as a control of regularity of the race on several points of the course. A competitor not running the full course of the event cannot be classified on arrival.


Article 13 – Insurance

Civil liability: according to the legislation in force, the organizers subscribed to a third-party insurance guaranteeing the acts of the members of the organization as well as those of the runners. A proof can be shown to every participant if necessary.


Individual accident: the organization recommends to all the participants who would have no personal insurance covering their physical injury, in particular the non-members in a sports federation, to sign up for a personal accident insurance within the framework of their participation to the event.


Article 14 – Copyright

During his/her commitment in the event, every runner authorizes expressly the Metz association marathon  (or his/her legal successors) to use or to make use or to reproduce or to make reproductions of his/her name, image, voice and performance within the framework of the event, with the aim of any direct exploitation or under any derived shape of the event and it is true on any media, all over the world, by all the known or unknown means this day, and for all the duration of protection granted to these exploitations, direct or diverted by the legal or statutory measures, the court and/or arbitration orders of any country as well as by the current or future international agreements, including for the possible extra time which can be brought to this duration.


Article 15 - Traffic on the course

Bicycles, castor-wheeled and/or motorized machines and vehicles are formally forbidden on the course, except for the staff of the event.


Article 16 – Withdrawal

Every runner wishing to give up the race will have to appear at a feed station or at a first-aid post to hand back his race number as well as his chip, to the organization.


Article 17 - IT Law

According to the "data protection acts" of January 6th, 1978, you have a right of access and rectification to your personal data. Through the organizers, the participants may receive proposals from other companies. In case a participant would not wish it, he/she is free to inform the organization about it.


Article 18 – Disabled athletes

The race is opened to the various categories of disabled runners. However for safety reasons this participation is submitted to the preliminary agreement of the organizers.


Article 19 – Cases of force majeure

If the event must be cancelled in case of force majeure or for a reason independent from the organizers will, no reimbursement of expenses from the registration can be made and no compensation can be received.


The participation in Marathon de l'Eurométropole de Metz implies the express acceptance by every runners of the present regulation.

For any additional information, refer to the website:

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