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Discover our special tips from Hakim Bagy, many times Marathon French national champion, to be well prepared before the race :


The useful tips before the marathon :

  • Test your running material (shoes, sportwear)

  • Test your food supplies and hydratation for the race (liquids, gels, cakes)

  • Prepare your feet against clusters

  • Dont' run or do long joggs the last week before the marathon

  • Favorise food containing carbohydrates (slow-burning sugars) the preceding week of the race (pasta, rice, potatoes).

  • Avoid acid food (fruit juice, fruit, sauces) the last three days before the race.


The day of the race :

  • Put warm clothes before the race if it is cold.

  • Put some anti-friction cream.

  • Take sweet supplies if it is cold.

  • Do a small warm-up of 15 ' before the marathon.

  • Have a good breakfast (bread, jams or honey, tea, coffee) and avoid milk and fruit juices.






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