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This year, 2 kinds of races are proposed according to the birth date of the kids in collaboration with USEP and UNSS. 
The races for the primary pupils & secondery students will be at this place :  Allées de l’Esplanade at the Place of Republic. 
The departure and finish line are at the Esplanade. 


The registrations for the children races can be made at the Withdrawal stand at the Village Marathon Eurométropole de Metz.


Due date for registration on the spot : Thursday 6th of October (online only - no registration on site)



  • 10:00am : Races for primary schools

  • 11:00am : Races for junior schools

*subject to change


The UEM Primary School race

There is no speed limit for this race. It is designed for children in primary schools. Each pupil will choose his time of race. 5 durations are scheduled : 10',15',20',25' or 30'. At the departure signal, all the children will run around a loop. A clock will indicate the time spent. The pupil will be able to stop whenever he wants, near a race official. The pupil who achieved his contract will receive a "long race" diploma. Timing and distance of the race will be noted.

The pupils who have an USEP licence do not need to show a medical certificate. However, the children who register on their own must present a medical certificate certifying their ability to run in competition.

For more information, the pupils can ask their teachers.​

The Secondary School UEM races 

Two races are proposed to the children of Secondary schools. A race of approximately 1,8 km for the students in year 7 (11-12) and in year 8 (12-13), and a longer race (approximately 2,7 km) for students in years 9 and 10 (between 13 and 15 years old).

The race will start at 10:30 am, on the esplanade of the Place of the Republic (schedule to be confirmed)

These classic races are the object of mixed rankings which will distinguish years 7/8 from years 9/10 (no chips).


The students holders of the UNSS or UGSEL license are exempted from the medical certificate. The children who register individually have to present a medical certificate certifying their ability to run in competition.


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